Hello all, and by all, I mean if anyone is or ever will read this.


My name is Tom, and I created this blog 3 months ago. I have started 6 different posts, and have deleted them all before publishing, because I am insecure about my writing style, my own intelligence, and of negative feedback. But I think regardless of all of those stupid and weak concerns, I am going to start writing. Starting with the catalyst of this entire blog, the concept of self-expression.


Self expression is a simple enough concept, in my mind it is simply letting what is inside your brain get out. Music, writing, art, dance, grunts, screaming, fighting… if you consider it, every act you do is expressing yourself. It’s hard to wrap your brain around that, mostly due to the fact that we as humans in 2014 are very schedule oriented. Is it really self expression to choose to get in my car and drive to work? Answer, I don’t know. It certainly says something about you, but it’s something that you share with the vast majority of other humans. Anyway, the more important ways people express themselves is during their free time (unless you have a great job). Like this blog! I have an interesting brain, and there’s always a few too many thoughts swirling around in there. I certainly needed to get some of them out, but I am too uncomfortable to totally express myself face to face with most people, an unfortunate side-effect of the internet. But now, here I am! Let’s (if anyone is out there) hope I can keep it going.